Every year, Dutch students from the universities of applied sciences and art academies take up the challenge of creating a winning design for HEMA.
‘Travelling and being on the go’ is the theme of the HEMA Design Competition 2015. Your entry might end up on sale in more than 600 HEMA stores.

If so, enter the HEMA Design Competition and your design might just end up on the shelves of our stores.

a real HEMA product

HEMA wants to make people’s lives easier and more fun. This is evident in all the products we sell: essential for daily life and exceptionally simple. We are asking participants to design a real HEMA product that makes travelling and being on the go easier and more enjoyable. The perfect design that doesn’t yet exist, that is contemporary, surprising and fits within the HEMA product range.
If so, enter the HEMA Design Competition and your design might just end up on the shelves of our stores.


We believe that people get more pleasure out of everyday objects they use if they are not only good quality but also attractively designed. Even everyday things can be special: this is why we ask participants to give extra attention to the design of a product every year. HEMA products are characterised by their use of practical materials, simple designs, optimistic colours and simple, graphic patterns.

conditions of participation and contact

Here you can find the conditions of participation. If you have questions or would like more information about the HEMA Design Competition, please contact the secretariat of the HEMA Design Competition: telephone number 0031 20 311 4370 or e-mail ontwerpwedstrijd@hema.nl.

best prize

It is HEMA’s intention to actually produce and sell one or more of the winning items. Naturally, this is the best prize of all for the designer. Over the history of the competition, more than thirty designs have actually found a place in HEMA stores.

winner design competition

The winners of last years competition were announced in June 2014 in Amsterdam’s public library. You can find a complete list of the winners and nominees in the jury report.

download jury report

the competition

In the early 1980s, educational institutions indicated that more and better practical experience was required as part of their courses. During the same period, HEMA switched to a trendier look in design and packaging. In 1983 and 1984, these two developments came together in the first HEMA design competition. Thanks to its continuity and quality, the competition quickly became highly regarded by educational institutions and students.

Since 1990, students at design schools in the field of hardware and fashion have been invited every year to design a real HEMA product that fits with the theme for the year. Every year, hundreds of students participate. HEMA tries to take one or more winning designs into actual production. Of course, this is best award of all for the prize winner. In the past, more than thirty designs have ended up on the shelves of HEMA stores.